CW Drill

25 years in the NZ Drilling industry

CW Drill Strikes Silver – 25 years in NZ Drilling Industry

It has been an incredible business journey, the lessons have been never-ending and I have far too many work related highlights and experiences to list here. This time has been shared with many good, solid characters who contributed as crew members and made huge contributions in building this business into what
it is today.

Also deserving acknowledgement and BIG thanks are all our loyal customers. Each and  every single one of you has had a major part to
play in our development and ongoing success as a proud NZ business.

Given the current, surreal situation I never envisioned celebrating our 25th business birthday during a nation wide lockdown. But it is at times like these
where sharing a little good news can go a long way.

Please take care of each other and stay safe New Zealand, and once again, thanks to everyone involved directly and indirectly with our business over
these last 25 years.