CW Drill

Rock Anchor Installation – Haywards

Haywards Power Station, Hutt Valley

Brian Perry Civil

Drilling Project Brief
Assistance was requested to complete the drilling and installation of 54 multistrand anchors. This was to support the seismic upgrade of Transpower’s Haywards PowerStation in the Hutt Valley.

Our Casagrande C6 was mobilised to Wellington, along with a revolutionary new drill through casing advancement system imported from Europe to drill/install 200mm casing. Holes were drilled at an angle of 30 degrees and to depths of up to 30 metres, where multistrand anchors were installed and grouted in place.

Staging was used to gain access to the higher holes, this included the use of 6 metre shipping containers to carry the 14 tonne rig and ancillary equipment.


Drilling Project Challenges
Demanding ground conditions.
Height to access upper anchors.
Very busy, and often congested workplace.
Very short timeline to complete project.


Project completed in good time. Many of the various onsite problems were creatively solved with “ingercunning” by CW Drill and Brian Perry Civil engineers and staff – who were great people to work with.