CW Drill

Road Repairs – Takaka Hill

Takaka Hill

Drilling Project Details
Post cyclone Gita, the Road over the Takaka Hill suffered extensive damage due to a massive rainfall event, scouring out 13 gullies and cutting off road access to Golden Bay.

We were involved in emergency works alongside Fulton Hogan and Donaldson Civil of Nelson, carrying out Geotechnical work, then drilling large diameter holes for installation of UC piles up to 10m deep and concrete filled for retaining wall construction, then pile driving 250 and 300 UC piles up to 9m in depth. A large number of rock anchors were then drilled and installed to stabilise retaining walls.

Some walls have been covered with mesh, soil nails installed and Shotcrete applied.

Drilling Equipment Used

Hanjin 8D Drill Rig – Geotech Drilling.
Casagrande C6, Tadano Multi-Drill and Hydro 200 rigs – Anchors.
Yanmar VIO 8 with Large Diameter Auger & Piling Attachment.