CW Drill

Retaining Wall – Motueka Valley

Motueka Valley

Drilling Project Details
This was another property that suffered extensive damage due to the deluge during Cyclone Gita.

The project included earthworks and excavation to allow access for drilling rigs and personnel, drilling of large diameter holes for retaining
wall posts to be cemented into, drilling and installation of anchors to support the completed wall.

Several challenges on this project were faced and overcome by the team. The wall was designed By Jeff Swanney and the construction was overseen by him.

We used our Yanmar VIO with auger attachment, and Hydro 200 to drill and install the anchors.

Drilling Equipment Used

Yanmar VIO – with auger attachment.
Hydro 200 Drill.

Drilling Project Challenges

Rain soaked environment.
Soft materials.
Restricted, very tight access for concrete trucks/concrete pump.
Hand placement of drainage material.


The job was completed in good time, within budget and to the clients full requirements.