CW Drill

Horizontal Drilling – Rocks Road

Rocks Road, Nelson

Fulton Hogan

Drilling Project Brief
Drilling and installation of anchors for a retaining wall. The project required the drilling, installation, grouting, testing, lock off and post grouting of 30 anchors of varying size, to anchor a replacement wall.
The original wall suffered significant damage in Decembers rain event, and required replacement. We used Reid products, RB32 and RB25 single strand bars for this application.


Drilling Project Challenges
Extremely tight, restricted access to site.
Steep terrain had a 30m drop onto the busy State Highway 6.
All drill holes located up to 3m below the road edge.
All staff on lower section were required to wear ‘fail arrest harnesses’.


Despite the exceedingly difficult access, and the potential risks from several other hazards this project progressed very smoothly and was completed within time and budget.