CW Drill

Hanjin D8D Drilling Rig

Drilling Equipment Description
Multipurpose rig mounted on rubber tracks. The head has both High and Low speed capabilities.

One of the most versatile and flexible drilling rigs available today. It is our intention this new rig will be dedicated to working specifically on Geotechnical Drilling projects.

Technical Information
Top Drive multi-speed head, 3.5 metre strokes.
Automatic Safety SPT Hammer, efficiency ratio 92%.
8000kg effective pull-back.
Depth capacity of 100m HQ core, angle capable.
Gross weight of 3500kg.
Rubber tracked rig with narrow gauge.
Remotely operated.
Low ground pressure of 0.32kgf/cm2.


A flexible rig that is most suitable for:
Down-Hole Hammer
Reverse Circulation
Casing Advancement Systems
Wireline Diamond Core


Drilling Capability