CW Drill

GNS EIL (Earthquake Induced Landslide) – Kaikoura

GNS – Geological & Nuclear Sciences

Kaikoura to Waiau

Drilling Project Details
This project involved multiple boreholes, drilled on active major landslides that occurred during the Kaikoura-Waiau earthquake.

Boreholes were drilled on the Leader, Stanton, Seafront, Half Moon Bay and Awatere Landslides. The purpose of the drilling was to intersect the slide plain in all of these locations to allow further study into land mass movement.  All holes were drilled using PQtt, all holes were logged at completion using ATV, OTV, Full Wave Sonic and Density probes.

Half of the borehole locations were accessible using our tracked MP300 rig supported with 4×4 utilities or ATV in several sites.  The remainder were full daily Helicopter support using our QM750 Heli-Drill Rig and crew. 

You can watch our video on Drilling Through an Earthquake Landslide here.

Drilling Project Challenges

Extremely difficult terrain with limited accessibility.
Required to pump drill water 900 metres in elevation and being 3 kilometres from source.
Several heavy and disruptive weather events.

Drilling Equipment Used

Tracked MP300 Drilling Rig.
QM750 Helicopter Assisted Drilling Rig.
4 x 4 Utilities & ATV’s.

Skilled Project Associates

Amuri Helicopters.
Garden City Helicopters.
South Pacific Helicopters.