CW Drill

Geotechnical Drilling – Rocks Road

Rocks Road, Nelson

Opus International.

Drilling Project Brief
Drilling three HQ Core holes to maximum depth 35m, to determine structure of upper slope of Rocks Road. The project was carried using a man portable rig (Hydro 200), two holes drilled in private property adjacent to a home, the third on Road Reserve overlooking SH6, Rocks Road.
Holes had instrumentation installed at completion, either inclinometers or piezometers.

Drilling Project Challenges
Very difficult environment for drilling.
Steep terrain with very limited access.
Drill power onsite limited – access only allowed use of small drilling rig.



The project progressed exceedingly well, especially considering the geographical challenges. The work was completed to everyone’s satisfaction and within the allocated budget, unfortunately there were some unexpected time delays so it took slightly more time than originally planned.