CW Drill

Geotechnical Drilling – Nelson Airport

Nelson Airport, Nelson

Drilling Project Details
Project involved drilling a series of drill holes for Geotech purposes to determine Liquefaction risks for the new Nelson Airport terminal upgrade and the replacement DVR.

We drilled a series of holes using HQtt, SPT testing at regular intervals, and carrying out CTP testing at the DVR site.

The major challenge to this interesting project was working directly in the landing flight path of a very busy regional airport. We did this by working in an excavated area, and removing the mast extension of the drill rig.

The project utilised our Hanjin 8D for the geotech and our Geotech AB Cordless CPT for the CPT testing.

Drilling Equipment Used

Hanjin 8D for Geotech.
Geotech AB Cordless CPT for CPT Testing.

Drilling Project Challenges

Directly in landing flight-path of planes.
Restrictions on equipment heights.


The drilling was completed on time, within budget and with a good recovery rate. Once we established how best to proceed in this working environment the project ran well, even with the frequent distractions of planes flying directly overhead.