CW Drill

Geotechnic & Anchor Drilling – Matiri

Matiri Power Station

Drilling Project Details
This project involved carrying out extensive Geotech Drilling to understand the formation, then the drilling and installation of RB32 anchors drilled through colluvium and into basement rock.

Challenges included drilling and casing through cobbles and boulders with 150mm casing, then drilling open hole 9m into the rock basement.
We had encountered huge water flows through fractures in the basement, to overcome this we drilled and installed a series of dewatering bores to reduce flows whilst grout was pumped into the anchor holes.

Anchors were installed in 2 phases whilst the turbine house was constructed, the second set of anchors drilled post construction of Turbine House.

Drilling Equipment Used

Casagrande C6 Drill Rig.

Drilling Project Challenges

Substantial water flow.
Inconsistent drilling environment.


Project completed within timeline and on budget.