CW Drill

Geotech Drilling – Tunnel 21 Seddon


T&T and KiwiRail

Drilling Project Details
Work comprised drilling multiple Inclined HQ holes. Triple tube wireline was the required method, all holes were drilled and orientated using Reflex Ori Tooling.

Holes were drilled inside forestry above the State Highway and Rail lines, the purpose of the drilling was to identify strata as the hill was to be cut down to daylight the tunnel, this was because the tunnel had suffered damage due to the Kaikoura Earthquake.

Most of these bores had either Piezometers or Inclinometers installed for future monitoring during the construction phase.

Drilling Equipment Used

MP 300 Drill Rig.

Hanjin 8D Drill Rig.


Project successfully completed within timeline and budget.