CW Drill

Dellows Bluff Anchors – Murchison

Fulton Hogan.


Dellows Bluff, near Murchison.

Drilling Project Details
Quite a complex project, involving 900 metres of driven UC columns, 600m of inclined anchors, drilled in 200mm diameter, anchors installed into a variety of differing geology, giving us quite a few challenges to overcome. 

We purchased a drill through casing system through HMI in 200mm, to allow holes to be drilled in a single pass, through sandstone boulders, running colluvium and soft saturated substrates and into weathered sandstone for the bonded section, these anchors were up to 24m long.

Drilling Project Challenges

Differing geology onsite.
Busy major State Highway.

Drilling Equipment Used

Casagrande C6 Drilling Rig.