CW Drill

Bollards – Shakespeare Bay, Picton

Shakespeare Bay, Picton

Drilling Project Details
This was a really interesting project undertaken with Ranui Construction for Ports Of Marlborough.

Challenges included drilling in a very tight workspace and drilling at multiple angles to meet Client specifications. The anchor tendons were up to 18m long, were 40mm Dywidag 1050mpa mars, pregrouted in our yard prior to delivery to the Picton site, ready for installation.

The bollard block was then completed by Ranui Construction, including 200t mass concrete block poured around anchors.

We returned after the block had cured and tested and post tensioned the anchors at 560kn each. We also had a minor rock slide during the drilling of the rear anchors, this gave us a bit of a fright, however good H&S practices and procedures immediately fell into place and once the site was cleaned and stabilised we continued.

Drilling Equipment Used

Casagrande C6 Drill Rig.

Drilling Project Challenges

Very restricted work-space.
Multiple Drilling Angles.
Potential Rock Slides.


The Project was completed within budget and on time, even with the added distraction of a small land-slide during the drilling.