CW Drill

Anchored Retaining Wall – Shanandoah Highway

Fulton Hogan.

Shanandoah Highway, State Highway 65, Murchison.

Drilling Project Details
This was a piled, anchored retaining wall, to support a near vertical dropout at 7m at the deepest spot. 

We installed (drilled) 200mm pile casings into very competent granite rock using Robit casing advancement methods, this worked very well enabling a relatively quick pile installation. Inclined anchors were installed post pile installation for hold back. 

Quite a few challenges here including the weather, snowing often at the start of the project. We worked off a significant scaffold for the majority of the project, our working area was quite slim as the dropout was in an inside bend in the road. Traffic management was critical, as most or all longer loads were encroaching into our 3-metre workspace. 

Anchors were up to 15m long and drilled into 150mm diameter.

Drilling Project Challenges

Restrictive working area.
Several heavy and disruptive weather events, including snow.

Drilling Equipment Used

Yanmar V108 MultiDrill Drilling Rig.