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Hanjin 8D8 drill rig

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  • CW Drill geotechnical drilling on Karamea Bluffs, NZ

    Geotech – Karamea Bluffs

    After significant weather events roads North of Westport suffered damage. We  provided Geotech Drilling Services so Geotech Engineers could provide effective engineering solutions.


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  • CW Drill video of geotechnical drilling at kaikoura landslide

    Geological Drilling – Stanton & Leader Landslides

    A series of PQ size core holes through the big landslides after the 2016 earthquakes. ‘Kaikoura EIL Research’ want to understand why this happened to try and help prevent future failures.

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  • CW Drill doing geotechnical drilling for tunnel preperation in Seddon, New Zealand

    Geotech Drilling – Tunnel 21 Seddon

    Geotechnical project carried out for T&T and KiwiRail. Due to Kaikoura earthquake this tunnel was damaged and the hill was to be cut down to ‘Daylight the Tunnel’, out work was to identify strata.

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  • CW Drill geotechnical drill rig and digger onsite at Nelson airport, NZ

    Geotechnical Drilling – Nelson Airport

    Project involved a series of drill holes for geotech purposes to determine liquefaction risks for the new Nelson Airport terminal and replacement DVR. Challenges included working in the landing flight path.

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  • CW Drill geotechnical drill onsite at Cardrona Skifield

    Geotechnical – Cardrona Ski Field

    Drilling a single core hole in PQ TT to 25 metres and carrying out SPT testing at 75m intervals. Access over busy ski-lanes and soft snow covered ground were just 2 of the challenges.

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  • Lowering drill rig to site on Karamea Road for CW Drill geotechnical project

    Geotechnical Drilling – Karamea Road

    Drilled 20 boreholes using two different methods, HQ TT Core in cohesive materials, and concentric casing advancement in loose colluvium. All holes were drilled in or above landslide debris.

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