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  • CW Drill Pagani CPT Rig setup in Pohara

    Pagani 63/150 CPT Rig

    This new track mounted CTP rig is specifically for Geotechnical drilling projects. It has 50 and 100 mpa cones and is tooled to run CPTu, CPT and DPSH.

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  • CW Drill Hanjin 35 multi drill rig onsite working on Matai pipeline, Nelson, NZ

    Hanjin 35 Multi Rig

    A large track mounted multi-purpose rig. It weighs 24t and is suitable for large diameter cased bores, deep rotary mud bores and wireline core drilling.

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  • CW Drill Yanmar VI08 Multi Drill Rig screwpiles for Motueka Library

    Yanmar VI08 MultiDrill Drilling Rig

    A modified Yanmar VI08 excavator. Multiple uses and drilling attachments – auger drilling mast, pile driving, lightweight mast and ability to run Drifter.

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  • Drill test by CW Drill at Dellows Bluff, NZ

    Casagrande C6 Drilling Rig

    Designed and built for soil nail, rock anchor and micro pile installation. Track mounted and fitted with a Eurodrill 2010 Rotary Percussive top head drive.

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  • CW Drill geotechnical drilling on Karamea Bluffs, NZ

    Hanjin D8D Drilling Rig

    Multipurpose rig on rubber tracks. With a High and Low Speed Head this versatile rig works exclusively on Geotechnical Drilling projects.

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  • CW Drill MP300 drill rig working on Kenepuru Road, Marlborough Sounds

    MP300 Drilling Rig

    Multi-purpose lightweight drill rig.
    The MP300 is mounted on an MST 800 Marooka carrier.

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  • CW Drill water bore drill rig on truck

    MP100 Drilling Rig

    Lightweight truck mounted multi-purpose drill rig. The MP100 is specifically designed for geotechnical / environmental work.

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  • Bell 204 helicopter picking up CW Drill rig

    QM750 Drilling Rig

    We designed and purpose built the QM750. Specifically designed for drilling operations that require helicopter assistance.

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  • Extreme working conditions for CW Drill Hydro 200 rig Rocks Road Nelson

    Hydro 200 Drilling Rig

    This rig is fully portable and has a 1.5m stroke. It is most commonly used with a down-hole hammer system.

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  • CWDrill supportVehicles Kaikoura NZ

    Support Equipment

    We have a good fleet of modern, well-kept support equipment. Vehicles and equipment are fully supported with our Mobile Work-Shop.

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