CW Drill works because it is a small, professional team of the right people, with good drilling industry skills, using the correct drilling equipment, under operating systems that have been proven for over 25 years (and are now fully certified by Telarc).   

I knew we would never be the biggest mobile drilling company in New Zealand, but I am confident we are the best around. Large enough to tackle most drilling work, yet small enough to retain flexibility and communications throughout the project.  Contact me here to find out the other reasons why I believe CW Drill is the best drilling company in New Zealand.



James Chapman

James Chapman

Company Founder and Director.

James Chapman has 33 years experience in the drilling industry. James is the life-blood of CW Drill. He has worked extensively in Australia, South America, the South Atlantic Islands and South Pacific Islands. James is a Trade Certified Fitter Welder, and has purpose-designed and constructed many of the specialist drill rings. He was a peer elected representative member, and sat on the NZDF Council for 18 years.

James also holds IADC and ADITC Qualifications.

Angela Chapman

Angela Chapman

Office Manager.

Angela has clocked up a total of 36 years’ office and administration work within the Drilling Industry.

Angela has run the office and been in charge of the company’s finances since the inception of CW Drill. She has also spent some time operating as the Executive Officer for the NZ Drillers Federation.


Telarc ISO 9001

AS/NZS ISO9001:2008 - Quality Assurance
New Zealand's most recognised and longest established certification body has assessed and passed CW Drill for ISO9001 certification.
ISO standards are now recognised in over 160 countries and with us gaining certification you know that our management systems, codes of practice and work ethos are amongst the best in the world. 

Telarc AS/NZS 4801

Telarc AS/NZS 4801:2001- Health & Safety
New Zealand's most recognised and longest established certification body has assessed and passed CW Drill for Health & Safety certification. This is in recognition of our management of a health and safety programme with the provision and supply of specialist drilling services within New Zealand.

Civil Contractors of NZ

Member of Civil Contractors New Zealand
CCNZ represents New Zealand civil and general contracting industry.
The organisation is made up of contracting businesses that play a vital role in the development of our country.


At CW Drill we pride ourselves on being a professionally run drilling business working within a proven Quality Management process, we also have high regards for Health and Safety, Resources and the Environment. Click the links below to see and read our Policy statements.