MP100 Drilling Rig

Drilling Equipment Description
Lightweight truck mounted multi-purpose drill rig specifically for geotechnical / environmental work.

Technical Information
Capable of running all drilling systems. Maximum depth capacity 100 metres.

Drilling Capability


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Drill Equipment

Hanjin D8D Drilling Rig

Multipurpose rig mounted on rubber tracks. The head has both High and Low speed capabilities. One of the most versatile and flexible drilling rigs available today. This rig works exclusively on Geotechnical Drilling projects.

Gefco CF 1500 Drilling Rig

The rig is mounted on a 1990 NL12 Volvo.
It is a top head drive with a 7.5m stroke and weighs approximately 17 tonne.

MP300 Drilling Rig

Multi-purpose lightweight drill rig.
The MP300 is mounted on an MST 800 Marooka carrier.

QM750 Drilling Rig

We designed and purpose built the QM750.
it is specifically for drilling operations that require helicopter assistance.

Hitachi EX60 MultiDrill Drilling Rig

CW Drill has modified a 6 tonne Hitachi excavator.
We have fitted a top head drill mast to the end of the boom.

Hydrill 1000 Drilling Rig

This rig is skid mounted and self loading.
It is is easily secured to any flat deck truck for transport or truck mounted drilling.

Hydro 200 Drilling Rig

This rig is fully portable and has a 1.5m stroke.
It is most commonly used with a down-hole hammer system.

Casagrande C6 Drilling Rig

Designed and built specifically for soil nail, rock anchor and micro pile installation.
This specialist drilling rig is track mounted to enhance stability, flexibility and accessibility.